Completed Studies

Completed studies

Example of a 3D polycrystal non-conforming FE mesh

New 3D Finite-Element meshing/remeshing approach for large-scale dynamic polycrystals

Sebastian Florez, 2017-2020

CPFEM calculation

Enhancement of a full field finite element framework to model recrystallization in context of strong anisotropies of mobility and grain boundary energy

David Ruiz, 2017-2020

3D full field modeling of DRX

Towards a precise description of the mobility and its numerical integration in finite element modeling of recrystallization mechanisms

Brayan Murgas, 2018-2021

Modeling of Inco718

Influence of grain boundary pinning on recrystallized grain size homogeneity : multiscale modelling and application to nickel based superalloys used in aeronautic industry

Karen Alvarado, 2018-2021


Mean field modeling of dynamic recrystallization by homogenization of Full field models on 304L

Ludovic Maire, 2015-2018


Globularization phenomenon in α/β titanium alloys: experimental analysis and numerical modeling

Danai Polychronopoulou, 2014-2017

MSc or MTech Internships


2D example of meshing/mesh partitioning operations

Finite element mesh constrained repartitioning using open-source libraries for HPC applications

Patrick Teyou, 2017

2D grain growth modeling for an ODS steel

2D full field grain growth modelling in ODS steels: Level-set versus Monte-Carlo

Flore Villaret, 2017

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